Firefox, gpg, gmail and other security stuff

So, I’ve started listening to a couple of podcasts:

TWiT – This Week in Tech

Security Now

And the later one has rekindled my love for security and whatnot.  It’s definitely made me put back on my tinfoil hat.  Because of this, I wanted to set back up my GPG stuff for email and whatnot.  It’s super easy in Thunderbird, by installing the Enigmail plugin (just make sure you pick the right arch and OS).  However, since I use google’s hosted mail for my personal mail, I was in a bit of a pickle.  Luckly, somebody else out there had the same idea and wrote FireGPG that will allow you to sign, encrypt or decrypt and GPG signed stuff on the web (such as the body of an email from gmail)

Just thought I’d plug those plugins and the podcasts.

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