Mutt and gnupg

Part of my job has now required me to actually start using my gpg key for more than just goofing off, or the occasional one-off.  So, as part of that I wanted to make sure I have all of my work mail clients configured to work with gnupg.  As a I talked about in a previous post this is pretty easy in thunderbird and firefox (for gmail).  And I thought it would be difficult for mutt.  But it’s not.  Pretty much the first link in a google search for ‘gnupg mutt’ lead me to this page.  Which has everything you need.  Then I realized that I already had it in my .muttrc, but it was commented out.  So I’ve updated my .muttrc on The only thing that wasn’t explained in the documents is how you ecrypt or sign if auto-sign is off.  After commiting the email, before hitting y to send the email, hit p to bring up the gpg.  It’s pretty straight forward from there

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