When security becomes too much.

I’m all for security.  I believe that in a time like now, you have to be sure that the data you are getting, storing or sending has to be verifiable.  However, there is a time when this is not the case.  When security become a hindrance to everyday work, that’s when it is a problem.  Imagine having to stop your work every 5 minutes to swipe your finger or type your password to prove that you are using the computer, and that someone didn’t tie you up and throw you under your desk.  I know that it seems a bit too much, but the same thing could be said for encrypting every email you send.  I don’t think an email about cats doing something funny needs to be encrypted.  The same holds true for other things that verifying the source doesn’t truly matter.  If I send an email to someone scheduling a meeting, I don’t care if it’s really them sending an email back saying they’ll be there.  It’s not like an axe murder is going to take their place, and if they had encrypted their email, I wouldn’t get killed.  Oh well, looks like I’ll keep having to type my ridiculously long GPG password just to decrypt an email saying ‘ok’. </rant>

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