Board games that all board gamers should own

Now I know this is a bit out of the realm of “normalcy” for my blog, but I think there is a bit of overlap in people who would read this, and people who play board games.  This list was generated by several suggestions of board gaming friends of mine.  It is by no way 100% accurate or complete.  We tried to get at least two suggestions per category and from there you can decide.

If we missed your favorite board game, or you think one doesn’t belong, let me know in the comments.  And, feel free to buy me any board game I missed to convince me about it.

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  • Scott Hung

    Diplomacy is missing under “Games that will make you hate your friends”!

  • Becka D

    Missing from your list: Takenoko (Tile Placement), Zombicide (Co-op), Fluxx (light time-filler) and Resistance (Spies – new category)

  • Becka D

    Also Coup (again, Spies category).