Trailhead Gets Even Better

I’ve posted twice before on Salesforce’s Trailhead and it just keeps getting better

This most recent update of content includes lots of great new modules for both admins and developers

What is Trailhead?

At the 2014 Dreamforce, Salesforce announced Trailhead, their new platform for learning all about the Salesforce platform, and I have to say it’s pretty great.  Anytime someone asks me how they can get started with Salesforce, “Trailhead” is pretty much the first thing out of my mouth.  Well that and the IRC channel.

CRM Basics

Trailhead: CRM Basics

The new CRM Basics module goes through the basics of what Salesforce is (and what it isn’t) and how to customize and personalize your Salesforce experience.  I would recommend this module to anyone using Salesforce, not just admins and developers.

Accounts & Contacts

Trailhead: Accounts & Contacts

The new Accounts & Contacts module goes over the interactions between the standard Account object and the standard Contact object.  As well as going over account teams!

Leads & Opportunities

Trailhead: Leads & Opportunities

The new Leads & Opportunities module is very similar to the Accounts & Contacts module but dealing with Leads & Opportunities.  I found this one really useful since I’ve spent my entire Salesforce career in the support side of the house and have done nothing with Leads & Opportunities.

Get Ready for Dreamforce

Trailhead: Get Ready for Dreamforce

Of the new modules the Get Ready for Dreamforce module is probably my favorite (and not just because I’m quoted in it).  It’s a fun module that has lots of great tips for people that are going to Dreamforce. I’d recommend it to people who are going to Dreamforce for the first time.

Event Monitoring

Trailhead: Event Monitoring

The Event Monitoring module goes over the relatively new Event Monitoring API to monitor all sorts of events in your org.  This module is pretty developer focused since the only way to get at this data is via the API.  It really only goes over how to download the information, what you do with it from there is up to you.  But there are lots of ways to view this data and that’s half the fun!

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