Web Apps to Desktop Apps

by Patrick Connelly posted on February 18, 2009

Something I’ve found very interesting, is the recent trend to move apps away from the desktop, and out into the “cloud.” Now, for the most part I agree with this. I rejoiced the day I moved from a pop3 account to an imap account. And then rejoiced again, when I moved my mail hosting to Google Apps. This is just the way most things are moving. Most people don’t need apps outside of email and word processing. And if that information can be stored in the cloud then that means I don’t have to be without my documents.

That brings me to the real point. If you haven’t gotten a chance to check out some of the apps that make desktop apps out of web apps, try them.

  • I like fluid for OSX, it seems a little more full featured
  • Then Prism is looking really promising for all platforms (yes, even linux)