Salesforce Trailhead: New Modules

by Patrick Connelly posted on February 03, 2015

At the 2014 Dreamforce, Salesforce announced Trailhead, their new platform for learning all about the Salesforce platform, and I have to say it’s pretty great. Anytime someone asks me how they can get started with Salesforce, “Trailhead” is pretty much the first thing out of my mouth. Well that and the IRC channel.

It’s been a couple of months now since Trailhead was released and we’re finally getting new content, and a little bit of updated content for some of the older modules. In addition to these changes the platform seems to have gotten better about it’s error messages when you fail a challenge.

Trailhead Updates

To start off with, let’s take a look at the updated modules

Trailhead icons

Salesforce has updated the Apex Testing and the Visualforce Basics modules to remove the “Mark as Read” option and added a couple of new challenges. This should help folks who just breezed through this without actually doing any of the work. The updates to the Testing module makes me very happy. As most people know, I’m kinda a nut when it comes to testing and any thing that helps re-enforce proper testing is good by me.

New Trailhead Modules

Trailhead icons

And finally, there are some new modules.

Data Security

The data security module covers how to secure your data using profiles, field-level security and more. It’s a great way to understand how to get both the wide level and granular restrictions you could want.

Change Management

The change management module covers why you should do your changes in a non-production environment. It also covers why you should do even administrative type changes in a sandbox, and how to deploy them to your production instance.


If you haven’t tried out Trailhead, I really recommend you do. It’s a great way to test your knowledge on the platform and get instant feedback on what you learned.